Thursday, October 11, 2012

Punting, or riding in boats with boys

To continue my first weekend in Oxford, back on Sunday 29th September St Cross arranged for us to spend the afternoon punting on the Isis (which eventually becomes the Thames, I believe, so we in theory could have punted to London. In theory). I'm not the biggest fan of water, and definitely not of boats that aren't easy to balance in, but punting is one of those quintessentially Oxford things that you simply must do.

It was a really lovely day, lots of sunshine and pretty warm, thankfully. In my boat was Lindsay, Kirsty, Izzy, Nick, and Michael. Thankfully we roped in the Oxford and Cambridge boys, who were well skilled enough to literally man most of the journey. We were the first punt out of the dock, and settled in for a relaxing ride. Lindsay was much braver than I and gave punting a try. I think she handled it quite well for a first timer!

Nick, our fearless leader.

Lindsay giving it a go!

Michael (our Cambridge boy), our other experienced punter.

Izzy did give the boys a run for their money.
We snacked on grapes and popcorn whilst punting along the river, it was really lovely to just relax and chat. We made friends with a little group of ducks who were quite interested in our boat, and rammed into a couple punts along the way (lots of first time punters made for some precarious yet funny moments). We made it all the way down to this pup on the river, called the Victoria's Arms, where we prompted docked and had an afternoon drink and snacks.

After hanging out and enjoying some Pimms and pints, we got back in the punt and headed to the dock. We were one of the last boats to return, having spent over two hours making the most out of such lovely punting weather. It was probably the last time we'll be able to punt until the spring, so we tried to soak it all in.

Lindsay, Kirsty, and I

Izzy, Michael, and Kirsty...looking off into the distance
We hiked back to College (ok, it was maybe a 20 minute walk), and then parted ways for Sunday afternoon errands before the shops closed. Which they do, INSANELY EARLY. Everything except Tesco's, restaurants, and pubs close by 6pm during the week, and between 4-5 on Sundays. Crazy.

Thus ended my first weekend in Oxford! xx

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