Friday, March 29, 2013

Benefit Makeover

Before I begin, yes, these next couple posts are just me playing catch up, but hey! better late than never is pretty much my life motto.

Way back when, I purchased something at the Benefit counter in my local Boots (their Brow Zing! kit if you're wondering), and the lovely saleswoman invited me to bring a friend and get our make up done. So I dragged my friend Mary out in the freezing cold with the promise of professionally done make up and a good ol' G&D's bagel and latte afterwards. I can always win Mary over if there's a G&D's bagel and latte waiting at the end (get the cream cheese with chives, you won't regret it. We're addicted).

Before this, I'll admit that I hadn't really used Benefit make up, and didn't know much about the Brand at all. My mind automatically associated Benefit with their Bad Gal Lash mascara (with which I was seriously obsessed for a period of time), but I couldn't name you any other product of theirs. However, after our little make overs, I was really impressed and have since cultivated a mini-Benefit collection of my own.

First off, the Benefit counter is so brightly colored and fun. Music is always blasted from speakers under the display stands ("Teenage Dirtbag" by Wheatus!!), and it's so indicative of Benefit - young and fun. Definitely not boring or dull like other high end make up counters.

I was really impressed by this foundation - felt like I wasn't wearing any, but gave great coverage.
Action shot!

A really lovely girl named Robyn did our make up, and we both wanted more neutral looks that incorporated a bit of color. We were really pleased with the results!

Since our little make overs, I've definitely paid more attention to Benefit as a brand. I'm becoming such a fan of their box blushes - I have Sugarbomb and Bella Bamba, and end up using either one most days. Plus the Brow Zing! kit is just amazing.

If you're in the UK, you can buy Benefit products at Boots and Debenham's, and in the States you can buy it from Sephora and Ulta.

I know this was a total detour from my usual blog posts - nothing explicitly Oxford or England related, but I think it's fun and well, I don't always have blogworthy things to say about Oxford/England. Sometimes it's just boring and cold here. Not exactly exciting blog fodder. So, yeah, I think that, as I've said before, this is going to become more of a lifestyle blog, especially in terms of content. Hope y'all still enjoy!

As always, if there's anything you want to know about, let me know!

Jane xx

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